Mmm... Coffee and Fudge!

We are so excited to have Katrina from For Fudge Sake joining us at the Melbourne Planner Markets!

For Fudge Sake is all about the Flavour! Serving delicious homemade fudge, including some Vegan options, locally roasted ‘Bean Thinking Coffee’ beans, T2 Teas, Fraus Hot Chocolates, and Milkshakes using their homemade syrups – all from a delightful vintage style caravan.


Their passions are excellent customer service, making people happy, crafting and indulging in sweet treats.

Katrina has always enjoyed being a dessert maker and followed her dream by starting For Fudge Sake – her first fudge made was the Mint and it still remains her favourite!

For Fudge Sake specialises in smooth and creamy fudge, using quality ingredients, essential oils and a whole lotta love in crafting a delicious treat

New flavours are being added and they’re always up to creating a custom order. They recently introduced Vegan fudge and are also increasing their range to cater for Diabetic friendly options.

For Fudge Sake is looking forward to waking up the early arrivals with caffeine and providing delicious treats to MPM Stallholders and Guests!

(And of course, during quiet times – they're going to browse all the amazing stalls)

Check out For Fudge Sake at

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