Meet Michelle

Daymaker,  Noun. - an individual or event that makes one's day, brings immense satisfaction or happiness.


What if we didn't have to wait for someone else, or something else to be our Daymaker? 


This question is the foundation of Daymakr, the reason it began, and why founder Michelle Huertas developed such a hunger for finding the ideal daily system that would put the power back in her hands, and be able to help others to truly create their own daily life in a passionate and productive way. To dream big and achieve a life that is 100% tailored to YOU! 


Daymakr combines beautiful quality German made planner covers with custom designed planner inserts and notebooks to allow you to create your ideal combination. Don't search for planner peace - create it!

OFFICIALLY LAUNCHING at Melbourne Planner Market '18 - get ready to make your day!

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