Meet Bec

Loxley Paper Co is a boutique studio offering bespoke planner, diary, journal and other book creations, hand-made and specifically tailored to your lifestyle.

Loxley Paper Co gives you the freedon to customise every single element of your planner, diary or journal. From the front cover to the back cover and every single page in-between, your creation will look exactly how you want it to.

You no longer need to be bound and constrained by traditional diary layouts that just don't meet your everyday needs. Design and customise your creation using our example layouts or contact us for a completely custom design.

Bec also creates other stationery items specifically designed for planner accessories, such as washi tape dispensers and planner purses.

With your imagination the only limit, a Loxley creation is customised just for you and will be as unique as you are!


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