Meet Ildi

Ildi is the creator of the Antplanner which came about after a relentless search for the perfect tool to help her organise her Direct Sales business, kids and personal life… a task many of you are probably dealing with too.

With experience of over 7 years in direct sales Ildi created the Antplanner, compiling what she believes is needed in a successful tool, for a successful business. The Antplanner has all the features to help you with following through and achieve your goals.

Since the Antplanner hit the market, Ildi also learned that a tool in itself is not enough. Most of us need a little help in making the most of the tools at hand, which is why Ildi started to conduct workshops. These workshops aim to try to assist small business owners and entrepreneurs in making the most of their planners, setting achievable goals, finding their lost time and planning for the future!

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